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Wedding Gown Dress Up: Amazing models and tips to choose!

Being a maid of honor is a reason to celebrate! After all, you represent being a famous person to the couple in love. And because of that, you need to look beautiful on the big day, with the look according to the bride's plans.

With that in mind, we've separated some tips for you to be inspired and razed into the big day with an enviable look. Check it out and be encouraged to choose yours.

The desire of the bride in 1st place

It is always important to note that the bride's desire comes - ever - in the first place. So, as soon as the bride invites you to be a godmother, talk to her. See what she plans for the bridesmaids.

There are several ways the bride can organize the look of the bridesmaids, so being in standards is essential. Remember always to ask her:

The color of the maid of honor wedding: If she chose some color or color palette.

Length: Make sure she wants a short or long dress for the big day. There is a bride who leaves the godmother free to choose the model she wants, which ends up confusing the bridesmaids, thinking that they can wear a short dress, when in fact, can not. Ever thought that boring only you in short dress while the others are in the long dress? Or vice versa?

Necklines: Can the dress be more low-cut, or is it best to avoid it? See what the bride thinks about it.

Embroidery: Can it have embroidery? What will the party be like? Check with her what is best for the wedding, and what she plans for the big day.

Prints: Are you free to have a stamp on the big day? Check!

Knowing these things, you can already start to see the perfect godmother dress! Check out our tips:

Bridesmaid Dress

The bridesmaid dress for wedding day should be light, with delicate and beautiful details. The prints are welcome, but only if the bride allows. And if you want embroidered dresses, bet on more delicate models, with more information only on one part of the dress instead of everything.

Bet on vibrant colors of the dress, such as pink, orange, yellow and blue. It looks beautiful!

H2- Evening Bridesmaid Dress

If the wedding will be in the afternoon, then the bride is probably planning a sunset ceremony with intimate, romantic mood. Therefore, the marriage will have cheerful elements of the daytime wedding, but with elegant and sophisticated night atmosphere.

Bet on models with lightweight fabrics, and more drawn colors for pink and blue.

Evening Bridesmaid Dress

Evening wedding, on the other hand, always allows bridesmaids to wear more elaborate dresses, with sparkles and intense colors. It's all glamorous. But watch out! There is a fine line between the classic wedding and the extravagant wedding. It is important to know that in luxury you should to make better, while the classic, everything that is more elegant and clean, looks more beautiful. Choose from affection!

Models in wine, navy blue and gold are stunning!

Colors for Bridesmaid Dress

There is a lot of maid of honor with doubt about which is the best dress model to be worn, but what often influences the same decision is the color of the dress. And you need to be very careful not to choose the wrong color!

What cannot you use?

You can not show up on the wedding day by wearing the following shades:

  • Black
  • Nude - unless the bride asks you to wear it!
  • White
  • Off-white

That is any tone that reminds you of the wedding dress.

What is the best color for a maid of honor wedding dress?

It does not have a color that is sure to look suitable for all bridesmaids. But, we advise that the bride chooses according to what else suits her. With that in mind, we separate color inspirations from the classic godmother dress, so you can want the one that most suits. Check it!

Blue Mother of the Bride Dress

Starting with blue, it's a natural color to find in stores, both for rent and to buy. It is a color with several different shades, which at the same time that rejoices, conveys calmness to the wedding. Speaking of that color, it's nice to note that blue symbolizes luck for marriage. Usually, American notions typically put some detail into the party of this color. It looks beautiful!

A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

If you have a color of clothing that transmits femininity, this is the rose. Like blue, it has several different tones, and it's easy to find. Our tip is to be careful with the very light sounds that border the nude and the rose. If you're a romantic type, you should bet on that color!

A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

A variation of pink and that is super high for a maid of honor is the rose! It can be used for all types of wedding, varying only in the number of sparkles and details. The more information, the more sophisticated. And the more straightforward, more stripped-down look of the godmother!

Red Mother of the Bride Dress

Red is hot and sexy. The woman, besides being a super fashionista in the red dress, gets a bold and elegant look in the right measure!

Green Mother of the Bride Dress

Who wants to bet on the green dress should take extra care when choosing it, because it is a tone that depending on the color of your hair or the tone of your skin, will not favor you at all. If you have your hot underwear - women who brown quickly and look beautiful in gold - you can bet without fear!

Purple Mother of the Bride Dress

Purple is an intense, super fashion color and looks great on women of all skin tones. If you are afraid the color will not match with you, do not worry! You can bet on purple quietly because it's a color that makes them all beautiful!

It can also be used for the rustic wedding, to the luxury wedding, on account of elegance and positivity!

A-line Sweetheart Chapel Train Sleeveless Satin White Wedding Dress

Both shades are a bit trickier to use, but if the godmother chooses the right shade, for the right wedding type, it looks gorgeous! As they are warm shades, prefer to use these two colors in daytime marriages, such as in the field or on the beach, as they do not require more elaborate shine and details, which means you have to opt for lightweight fabrics like silk! The chances of the dress looking beautiful with heavy fabrics are few!

Tip to hit the color: the sooner the wedding, the clearer and more vibrant the tone of the dress. And how much later, darker. That way there is no mistake!

A-line Sweetheart Chapel Train Taffeta Wedding Dress

These dresses are wonderful for late night and luxurious weddings. The glowing details of the dress look amazing and highlight the beauty of the godmother uniquely! It is also one of the best options to bet on today's weddings. Get Inspired!

Bridesmaid Dress Evening Dress

Finding the perfect dress for those who are short can be challenging, depending on the model the woman can get even lower than she is. But if you follow our rules, you can find a beautiful dress that gives the slim impression you need! Check it!

1 - Avoid high necklines, they give the impression that you are lower! Give preference to the more open necklines, which show the lap. But be careful with the size of the neckline, so it does not get too shabby!

2 - Avoid belts, they cut you in half and give you the impression that you are smaller. Fair dresses look gorgeous!

3 - If your dress is short, avoid sandals with straps, they decrease the size of your leg. How about wearing a nude heel - with the color of your skin? That way you get taller!

If you're a taller woman, you can bet on those models. There's even one in particular that helps balance your height: the mermaid dress! It is thanks to the volume of it that starts from the knee that the size ends up getting more balanced.

Plus Size Wedding Dress

If your concern is weight, you can rest easy! There are several tricks for you to have a fantastic outfit on the big day! Check out six infallible tips!

1 - Avoid pleated skirts and very bulky, coming out from your waist. That makes you fatter. Look for dresses that are more casual and trim.

2 - A nice trick is to bet on detail on the bust of your dress, such as tight or embroidered pleats, so you take care of other parts of the body.

3 - Open necklines are always welcome! No wearing high necklines, they give the impression that your bust is more significant than it is.

4 - If the idea is to wear a short dress, prefer the models at the knee, in addition to being the best for the occasion, will stretch your silhouette!

5 - Waist marked, always! You need to highlight your curves, so bet on fairer dresses around the waist.

6 - Avoid fall-down dresses, bet on sleeveless dresses at daytime and long-sleeved weddings, or ¾ for the nocturnal.

Buy or rent the godmother dress?

This is a constant doubt in the life of a godmother. Our tip is: Talk to the bridesmaids to know what they are going to do. It's interesting that you reach a consensus together. Maybe, if you order the dress in the same place, you get into a pattern that looks beautiful! It is worth talking to them.

The good part about buying is that you can save it for souvenir. In a few years, you can even combine a photo session with the bride to remind you of the moment. But, if you are not the type that clings to the dress, one idea is to reform the dress to use it in other celebrations.

Renting is also interesting because you often spend less, and do not have to look at the dress in the closet for a lifetime. It's a once and only! One tip is to bet on the first rent of the dress - even if it costs a little more expensive - being the first person to wear leaves the most "special" moment.

The truth of it all is that you should choose according to what you think is best!

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