Homecoming Dresses - All you need to know

Casual dresses go from the stripped down to the elegant.

Casual dresses can be used to work, to go out, to go out to dance, to go to a bar with friends or to have a romantic dinner. When we think of a well-dressed woman, we unconsciously imagine a look with a beautiful dress. The casual dress can perform the function of a more relaxed look, but can also be very elegant, depending on the structure, the fabric, the color and the pattern.

The above knee length of most casual dresses looks suitable for all ages. The composition with shoes, handbags and other accessories and clothing such as blazers and jackets can make all the difference. If combined with the most suitable body type, it can serve the woman in a practical way and with an ultra-feminine look. When browsing our online store, you can find this variety of options in casual dresses.

For women full of curves, dressed in firmer fabrics and more structured models like the evasé are an excellent option for a refined look. For women with few curves, the materials used may be more fluid like silk, and accessories such as belts are welcome to mark the waist. Skinny women can use the lateral folds to create the illusion of a more massive hip, as well as the draped, front-only and frock coat, in the case of a small bust. For women with a larger upper body, the bet is the dresses with wide straps that give structure to that part of the body, highlighting the region underneath with some accessory like a belt or even with the stamp of the dress. Whether you're in a hurry or are scared to venture, a casual dress model easily found in our online store that never goes out of style and caters for the most varied types of a silhouette is the straight cut with v-neckline.

You can choose the basic black from this model and invest in accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, blazers, short or long boots, pantyhose, scarves, and adopt the same dress for each season. If you already have a basic black dress, you can search our online store, and invest in casual dresses of this same model by boldly darting on colors and prints, such as floral, animal or geometric designs that are on the rise. Options are not lacking, come now to know our dresses to make your compositions even more feminine.

Every woman who values sensuality knows how much clothing can influence in this sense. However, the state of mind - the feeling of being sexy - has even higher power over a person's appearance and the way others see it.

A happy person, sure of himself, can feel sexy and be sexy regardless of the clothes he is wearing. Self-confidence is key to being hot. And in that sense, wearing the looks to your advantage will make her even more sensual and attractive for all the looks around her. But it is still worth mentioning that clothing does not do all the "work" alone, you must also believe in yourself and feel sensual for it to show.

Following some basic tips and betting on the right pieces, you can adapt your looks not to lose the sensuality, check out:

Details: Invest in some items that draw attention to breaking the neutrality of other pieces. For example, a leash or footwear that has features with glitter or stonework.

Show and hide: This is a rule for any sexy and discreet look. You show one part and "hide" the other. For example, a miniskirt looks with a closed shirt or a dress with long neckline and trousers. This makes them look more attractive because it generates curiosity.

Accessories: When you create a neutral look with essential and discrete parts, the accessories make all the difference and become crucial items. In looks with the collar more closed, bet on necklaces. In the looks with necklines, invest in earrings. Make sure you accessorize your look, so you can give more personality to the set.

Salto: This is the big protagonist when it comes to putting on a sexy look. Any look gets a lot hotter when you add a jump. You can even take a test at home. Try the same look with a sneaker and a heeled shoe, and you'll see the difference it makes. But remember, this does not mean that a look without a heel is not sexy.


Staying powerful and attracting looks are basic desires among us women. In the line of the ballad, the dinner with the cat or the walk with the friends, the seduction is to the flower of the skin, to the smallest details.

However, to hear admiring comments, you must show natural attributes without losing the class. After all, sexy is one thing; vulgar and rude is another, completely different.

And, let's agree, we do not want to draw attention to the wrong motive or even harm our personal and professional image. Is it or is not it?

To exude sensuality in the right measure, just keep an eye on the tips below:

Use delicate and sophisticated fabrics, like silk. Combine it with a leather piece to assemble a sexy and stylish production.

It seems that we are already born in a jump, so essential that it is in our life. In addition to giving an elongated silhouette, it helps to highlight our presence. However, it is necessary to know how to use the heel so as not to get awkward and spoil the sex appeal.

Forget the concept that silk shirt is formal or outdated. Any woman who wants to look seductive needs this piece. With a touch of transparency and loose on the body, it is synonymous with sensuality and comfort.

Getting all tight from head to toe will not make you sexier. The combination of the fair dress with loose clothing, that yes, removes any sign vulgarity and coarseness of its visual.

Balance! If you wear a fairer skirt, invest in the broader blouse. Is the dress fair? Prefer a low-cut neckline; Has a larger neckline? Bet on a looser model in the skirt.

The weather allows? Wear a matching blazer or trench coat. Whether in the corporate or leisure environment, these pieces are a guarantee of femininity and elegance. The fact of being accentuated highlights the feminine curves without appeal.

How about a skirt that slims, leaves the body in evidence and shows the ankles, one of the parts preferred by men? Yes, it exists, and it's called a pencil skirt.

And speaking of an ankle, for the boys, they are sexy and mysterious. Another way to highlight them is to wear a longer skirt or pants that show them, as well as a jump.

Immortalized by the eternal movie diva Marilyn Monroe, the capri pants are perfect to follow this sexy ankle idea. Dried, just to the body and basic, are sensual and practical.

Beyond making combinations to cover the forms, to be sensual is to escape from the obvious, from the ordinary. The silk shirt we talked about, for example, loses its sensuality if it is cut.

Showing off the breasts or decreasing the length of the shorts is not a good idea. Common sense and a touch of finesse go down very well!

It's not because that your favorite actress or singer appeared on the red carpet with a low-cut minidress and glued to the body that you will do the same.

And do not even think about following your friend's suggestion of wearing clothes with a smaller number. Besides being inelegant and not at all sexy, being squeezed into an almost childlike outfit gives the impression that you have a few extra pounds. Nobody deserves!

Be excellent in the production!

I've talked about clothes, but a sexy and discreet production also depends on make and hair. When you dare more on the dress, do a light makeup. Already a "more fun" or romantic hairstyle is ideal to cast off your goddess style of seduction.

Stay away from everything-sexy-at-the-same-time. Over and over!

With these tricks, you can not win a legion of fans.

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